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Requirements to be accepted as a member of our Association are set forth in articles 4 and 5 of the Articles of Association currently in force, and “the social function of the financial activities of applicants, in accordance with the legislation of the country in question” is a determining factor.

Acceptance requires the favourable vote of the Permanent Commission and communication to the General Assembly. In no event will physical persons, sale and purchase firms, pawnbrokers or similar with purely speculative aims be accepted as members of the Association.

Ethical conduct

In this regard, one of the criteria for acceptance as a member of the Association is that the articles of association of the applicant institution do not contradict determined codes of ethics, particular in relation to the use of collateral or objects pledged. However, the magnitude of interest rates does not represent a determining or excluding criterion for acceptance, bearing in mind the diversity of national legislations and the fact that there is hyperinflation in certain countries. Nevertheless, given that determined pseudo-legal practices are quite frequent in the collateral loan business, the Permanent Commission can only agree acceptance of each applicant, as a full member, on a case-by-case basis.

Our Association, while attempting to sponsor the creation and development of new social credit institutions, intends to offer a certain protection to member institutions vis-à-vis determined competitors, respecting at all times the principle of free competition. Accordingly, large listed companies and those attempting to monopolise the collateral and social loan market will not be accepted.

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