Our Association was founded in Milan (Italy), on 28 September 1957 with the name “International Association of Public Collateral Loan Establishments”, and was originally made up of institutions geographically located in European countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria and France).


Since then, many entities have held the presidency and in May 2010 Mr. Antonio Pulido, Cajasol president, assumed the highest representation of the Association. He was named in the Assembly held in Lima and its headquarters was moved to Seville.

Since 1.992 is open to private legal persons

Later, the Extraordinary and General Assembly, at the proposal of the Permanent Commission, at its meeting in Mexico D .F., on 23 September 1992, approved changing the original denomination to that of “International Association of Collateral Loan Establishments” and amended the Articles of Association, admitting, thereafter, not only institutions and organisms but also private legal persons, provided they carried out “social loan operations with a pledge guarantee”, and the Permanent Commission was entrusted with qualification of the social nature of those loans.

At the 18th General Meeting, held in Leon (Spain) on 21-22 October 1999, there was a change in the Articles of Association. The change meant, on the one part, that the regulations were simplified and reduced. At the same time, its structure was profoundly modified.

Finally, on 24 September 2004, at the Paris Meeting, the current Articles of Association were approved. This meant that the Association’s aims were opened to everything related to social loans in the broadest sense.