The headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation in Cádiz has hosted this Monday, July 17, the ceremony for the delivery of the II José María Pemán School Narrative Awards. Ricardo Aneiros Suanzes, from Las Tablas-Valverde College in Madrid, is the final winner after the ruling on Tuesday, June 13, the jury formed by Catalina Luca de Tena, president-editor of ABC, Antonio Pulido, president of the Cajasol Foundation, ABC columnist Ignacio Camacho and writers Carmen Posadas and Inocencio Arias. The work, titled ‘Brevedad’, obtains a prize of 600 euros and a lot of books.
The president of the Cajasol Foundation has confessed how impressed they have been “for the quality of the writings and for the maturity with which the boys and girls who participate know how to interpret the words written half a century ago by Maestro Pemán.” Antonio Pulido has emphasized the skill of the students to draw a brief portrait of an electoral candidate. “It has been a real pleasure to read your writings and also a satisfaction to be able to contribute, with initiatives like this prize of narrative, to promote the pleasure of reading and writing among the young, and to stimulate also your capacity for reflection and analysis, as Important for you to be able to form a critical conscience against what surrounds you, “he deepened, finally encouraging participants” not to stop reading, writing, thinking and with all of that, to enjoy. ”
The second place, endowed with 300 euros and another batch of books, is for Jose Andrés Rubio, of the school Buen Pastor of Seville, for his text ‘The end of Io’. Third, the jury recognizes the work of Elena Sánchez Párraga, from La Salle School in Córdoba, for her work ‘La vida en 500 palabras’, for which she will receive 200 euros and a batch of books. The three texts responded to the topic addressed by the Spanish intellectual in the article: expressive economy, the value of concision as a source of clarity and beauty Congratulations to all!